The Organizations & Management group comprises research on the internal organization of firms, as well on business decisions and performance.
OrgMan covers a variety of topics, structured in two main areas: Management (comprising e.g. corporate finance, accounting and auditing, marketing, human resources, and corporate governance) and Business Decisions (comprising e.g. entrepreneurship and innovation, leadership, business strategy, international business).

This group covers the following topics: Accounting and Auditing; Behavioral Economics and Finance; Business Ethics; Business Strategy; Communication; Consumer Behavior; Corporate Finance; Corporate Governance; Efficiency and Productivity Analysis; Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG); Financial Instruments; Human Resources; International Business; Leadership; Marketing; Operations and Logistic Research; Organizational Behavior; Organizational Psychosociology; Project Management; Risk Management.

The group Principal Investigator is Eduardo Oliveira, and the group has the following researchers: