Jointly with the Núcleo de Investigação em Políticas Económicas e Empresariais (NIPE, EEG, University of Minho), cef.up maintains since 2006 (formerly, as CEMPRE) the website Economics Research in Portugal: People and Institutions.


In this website, we offer a tool for grading economists of Portuguese nationality, as well as Economics departments and FCT-funded Research Centers hosted by Portuguese institutions of higher education. This can be done not only using several indicators and over a dozen well-established rankings, but also according to a novel composite ranking. This composite ranking, computed by averaging pre-existing rankings, is named cef.up–NIPE ranking, and is unique worldwide. It has the crucial advantage of filtering out the – often wide – variation in criteria across different Economics rankings.

This website plays an important role at three levels – international, national, and internal. Internationally, this very rare project is increasingly cited and used as reference. Nationally, it contributes to a greater transparency in the Portuguese Economics academic community and stimulates the quality of research and publications. Internally, together with the Academic Journal Guide, it offers cef.up members guidelines for their publication strategy, reinforcing the focus on publishing in journals with the highest possible rankings.