Research Bulletin


Doing Economic Research that Matters (with Aurora Teixeira)

Research in a Tweet: Aurora’s research falls under an overarching concern with being of service to the community. Some of her most recent contributions in the fields of Economic Growth and of Innovation illustrate this.


Banking Business Models in a Turbulent World (with Carlos Alves)

Research in a Tweet: Four business models can be identified in the European banking sector. Individual banks adopting different models do not show the same performance and resilience. Still, a diversified banking sector is better prepared to deal with crises.


Educational Mismatches in the Portuguese Labour Market (with Anabela Carneiro)

Research in a Tweet: 1st and 2nd cycle higher education graduates entering the labour market in occupations for which they are relatively overqualified suffer a wage penalty of up to 16.2% and a lower likelihood of changing jobs than similar graduates that are well-matched.


The State of Economics Research in Portugal (with Paulo Guimarães)

Research in a Tweet: Despite a significant decline after 2013, the last 20 years have witnessed an upsurge in the number of international publications by Portuguese economists. However, the body of researchers is worryingly aged, and significant gender imbalances remain.