The following article by Paulo J. Pereira has been accepted in the Journal of Corporate Finance

Lukas, Elmar, Paulo J. Pereira and Artur Rodrigues; “On the Determinants of the Dynamic Choice Between Mergers and Tender Offers”, Journal of Corporate Finance, forthcoming.

Hugo de Almeida Vilares published in Journal of Econometrics the following article

Addison, J. T., Pedro Portugal and Hugo de Almeida Vilares (2023); “Union membership density and wages: The role of worker, firm, and job-title heterogeneity“, Journal of Econometrics, 233(2), pp. 612-632.

Joana Resende published in Management Science the following article

Laussel, D. and Joana Resende (2022); “When Is Product Personalization Profit-Enhancing? A Behavior-Based Discrimination Model“, Management Science, 68(12), pp. 8872-8888.