Hugo de Almeida Vilares published in Journal of Econometrics the following article

Addison, J. T., Pedro Portugal and Hugo de Almeida Vilares (2023); “Union membership density and wages: The role of worker, firm, and job-title heterogeneity“, Journal of Econometrics, 233(2), pp. 612-632.

Joana Resende published in Management Science the following article

Laussel, D. and Joana Resende (2022); “When Is Product Personalization Profit-Enhancing? A Behavior-Based Discrimination Model“, Management Science, 68(12), pp. 8872-8888.

The following article by Elvira Silva has been published in the European Journal of Operational Research

Silva, E. and M. Magalhães (2022); “Environmental Efficiency, Irreversibility and the Shadow Price of Emissions“, European Journal of Operational Research, 306(2), pp. 955-967.