The group Markets and Organizations (MarkOrg) is devoted to research in the areas of decision-making and economic policy, studying both the choices of investors, entrepreneurs, managers, workers and consumers, and how to improve the allocation of resources at the firm level. It is currently structured around the following topics:

1. The study where firms locate their activities, and why they form clusters. We perform leading empirical research, and we develop statistical methods to tackle the data on location decisions.

2. The study of the relationship between entrepreneurship, market structure and innovation. Our theoretical research provides insights for economic policy, and the group has specific skills in fields like health and energy.

3. The measure of how the labor market adapts to demographic change (like ageing and migration), globalization, mergers and acquisitions among firms, and labor policies. We offer a detailed analysis of the Portuguese labor market, as we use Personnel Records, a comprehensive database with data on Portuguese workers. We have both the databases and the researchers who develop the econometric methods to deal with the data.

4. The assessment of how corporate governance and financial markets influence firms’ choices. We also address the effects of the global financial crisis in theoretical and empirical work.

5. The assessment of firm’s productivity and its adjustment costs. Using linear programming methods, econometric techniques and discrete choice models, we investigate if firms operate near their efficient frontier.

6. The design of incentives, governance structures, and policies to correct distortions in market allocations, giving special attention to competition policy.

7. The evaluation of economic policies. More specifically, we have extensive Portuguese databases, which allow us to evaluate carefully the implementation of active labour market policies, and we have the expertise in econometric methods, which allow us to fully exploit the information contained in this datasets.

The Research Director is José Jorge, and the group has the following researchers: