The Markets & Industrial Organization group includes research on decision-making and interaction of agents in markets, as well as on the functioning and policy intervention on specific markets.
MarkIno covers a variety of topics, structured in two main areas: Industrial Organization (comprising e.g. market structure, competition, incentives, strategy, regulatory policy) and specific Markets (comprising research on e.g. labor, education, health, energy, financial markets, international trade, regional studies). MarkIno includes empirical and theoretical research, as well as policy evaluation.

This group covers the following topics: Economic Geography and Regional Economics; Economics of Education; Efficiency and Productivity Analysis; Energy Markets; Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Financial Intermediation; Financial Markets; Health Markets; Incentives and Preferences; Information and Uncertainty; International Trade; Labor Markets; Market Structures; Microeconomic and Sectorial Policy Evaluation; Public Choice and Political Economy; Regulation and Competition; Strategy and Market Structure.

The group Principal Investigator is Ana Isabel Sá, and the group has the following researchers: