PhD in Business Management

The Doctoral Program in Business Management, established in 2006, aims to provide students with top-notch training, maintaining the quality that distinguishes the institution that hosts it, granting them respective public recognition, and enabling their integration into a dynamic and internationalized research community. The Doctoral Program in Management comprises a taught component and the completion of a thesis, allowing students to choose from five areas of specialization (Accounting and Management Control; Finance; Marketing and Strategy; Operations and Logistics; Organization and Human Resources). The high number of applicants attracted to the program, as well as the significant number of completed theses and publications (journal articles and conference papers) obtained through research conducted during the Doctoral Program in Management, testify to the fruitful work that has been carried out.


Target population

The program aims to promote the training of specialists and researchers in the field of Management. Candidates wishing to join the program must have a strong motivation to:

• Become members of the international research community in the field of Management;

• Participate in international conferences;

• Submit their research work for publication in international academic journals.

• Candidates must hold a master’s degree in Management or Economics. Candidates who do not meet this requirement may still be admitted provided they hold “a particularly relevant academic or scientific curriculum demonstrating the ability to undertake doctoral studies” in the scientific area of the study cycle (Management).


Graduates in Management are qualified to pursue professional or academic careers such as:

• Teaching and research in higher education institutions

• Top tier positions in Banks, Insurance Companies, Audit and Consulting Firms

• Regulatory bodies

• Public or private companies in various sectors of activity