The research group Theory & Methods includes theoretical and methodological research with a fundamental nature and therefore potentially useful for the analysis of a variety of economic problems, notably in fields pertaining to other cef.up groups. TheoMet covers two main fields: Theoretic Foundations (comprising economic theory, methodology and economic thought) and Measurement (comprising econometrics, scientometrics, and experimental economics).

This group covers the following topics: Bibliometrics and Scientometrics; Econometric Methods; Economic History; Economics and Philosophy; Experimental Economics; History of Economic Thought; Machine Learning; Mathematical Economics; Methodology and Epistemology of the Social Sciences; Qualitative Methods and Survey Methods.

The group Principal Investigator is Diogo Lourenço, and the group has the following researchers:

External Researchers

António Castro Henriques

Helena Santos

Helena Szrek

Li-Wei Chao

Manuela Castro e Silva

Maria Eduarda Silva

Margarida Mello

Paulo Beleza Vasconcelos

Pedro Teixeira

Sofia Castro Gothen

Tiago Ribeiro

Doctorate Students