Lia Quadros Flores

University of Porto, School of Economics and Management and Cef.Up



Lia Quadros Flores is a PhD candidate in Economics at the School of Economics and Management, University of Porto (FEP). She holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Economics from FEP. She spent 2 non-consecutive semesters abroad via the ERASMUS program at the U. Paris Dauphine in her Bachelors and at the U. Libre de Bruxelles in her Masters. She is working on her thesis “Essays in Behavioural Economics” under the supervision of João Correia-da-Silva and Miguel Fonseca, Professor at the University of Exeter Business School (and affiliated to NIPE), where Lia is also a visiting student. She has been complementing her education at FEP with a number of specialised summer courses and workshops namely Behavioural Game Theory (UEA, 2018), Laboratory of Experimental Economics (ISEG, 2018), Psychological Game Theory (U. Copenhagen, 2019), Introduction to Neuroeconomics (NRUHSE, 2019) and Experimetrics (UEA, 2020), among others. She holds a doctoral grant from FCT since 2018. She has graduate teaching experience in Microeconomics (Católica Porto Business School, 2017), Decision-Making (CPBS, 2018&2019), Fundamentals of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour (U.Exeter, 2020) and is currently teaching Microeconomics II at FEP.



Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Policy impact evaluation