Tiago Ribeiro

University of Porto, School of Economics and Management and Cef.Up

  • tribeiro@fep.up.pt


Tiago Ribeiro holds a PhD (Economics) and Masters (Statistics) from UC, Berkeley, USA and a Masters (Economics) from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland.


He is currently  affiliated with University of Porto as a Professor Auxiliar Convidado teaching graduate level courses in the Faculty of Economics  He was an Assistant Professor at the University of Lausanne (2003-2005) collaborating on research projects at the IEMS (Institute of Health Economics and Management) and lecturing in econometrics.


He was an external affiliate at the Institute for Choice, at the University of South Australia (2014-2018) in continuation of his research and consulting collaboration with the Centre’s predecessor – CenSoc (Centre for the Study of Choice) at the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia (2011-2013).


He is a founding partner and managing consultant of Indera, Estudos Económicos, Lda, an economic consultancy based in Porto, Portugal. As a practising econometrician, he has led Indera’s provision of econometric consulting services to private and public entities in Portugal and abroad for the last eighteen years. The focus of his consulting work has been on the application of econometrics, statistics and regulatory economics to a variety of sectors, including health care, retail, telecommunications and financial services.


He has papers published in the Journal of Econometrics, the Revue Économique et Sociale, the Review of Industrial Organization, the International Journal of Industrial Organization and the Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice.



Large sample econometrics; Bayesian econometrics, Choice models and applications; Hidden Markov models; consumer theory; regulation and competition policy; optimal transport; Computational Economics