MaR Seminar/Webinar – Ana Roque

may, 2024

21may18:3019:30MaR Seminar/Webinar - Ana Roque


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CEF.UP – MaR Seminar/Webinar

Tuesday – May 21th , 2024 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. | Room 631 | Online


Understanding the complexity of ethics, moral blindness and designing an ethics experience that inspires ethical behaviour


Ana Roque – FEP – School of Economics and Management, University of Porto



“Organisations positioning regarding ethics is still, in general terms, reactive and compliance oriented. When we look at companies reports, we see that very few include people from the ethics office in core management committees, such as marketing, product development, or innovation. However, ethics is nowadays fundamental from the perspective of internal culture and climate, organizational development, reputation, and is a necessary condition for a true and consistent path towards sustainable development.There are many obstacles preventing ethics from being present in the daily lives of organizations, which would be important. The name itself can be intimidating; some people might think we’re talking about morality, but ethics and morality are not the same thing. There are many myths, starting with the idea that being ethical is easy, that bad practices are essentially a matter of a few bad apples, and that an ethics program can be unilaterally created, almost just a code (as we see in many organizations), and that this has power over culture.”


(Tuesday) 18:30 - 19:30

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