Pedro Mazeda Gil

University of Porto, School of Economics and Management and Cef.Up

  • + 351 220426284


I own a Bachelor degree in Economics from the Faculty of Economics, University of Porto (1998), as well as a Master degree (area of Economic Growth and Development, 2003) and PhD degree in Economics (2010) from the same University.

I started my professional career as an economic analyst at the Research Department of the Portuguese Business Association (AEP, from 1998 to 2007), assisting the CEO and the Board regarding the assessment of the business cycle, the analysis of the monetary and fiscal policy developments as well as of the structural change and competitiveness developments of the Portuguese and euro area economy.

Presently, I am an Assistant Professor with Tenure at the Economics Department of the Faculty of Economics, University of Porto, teaching such courses as Macroeconomics (undergraduate level and PhD – Doctoral Programme in Economics), Economic Growth (undergraduate), and Business Cycles and Economic Growth (Master in Economics). I am also a researcher and deputy director at CEF.UP, Center for Economics and Finance at University of Porto. I was a member of the board of CEF.UP acting as Research Director of the research group MACGROW (Macroeconomy and Growth) between 2013 and 2020.

As an academic consultant, I have been involved in the production of technical reports for, e.g., the Porto City Council, the Porto Metropolitan Board (Junta Metropolitana do Porto) and the Ministry of Finance of Portugal.




R&D based endogenous growth; firms dynamics and market structure; heterogeneous firms and firm size distribution; industry structure (high-tech versus low-tech sectors) and skills structure (high-skilled versus low-skilled labour); monetary growth models and long-run real effects of monetary policy.




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