January 26, 2017    
Does Oil and Gold Price Uncertainty Matter for the Stock Market?
Thorsten Lehnert, Luxembourg School of Finance
(joint work with Dennis Bams, Maastricht University - Department of Finance; DLL; Gildas Blanchard, Maastricht University and Iman Honarvar, Maastricht University - Department of Finance)
Time and venue: 1-2pm, room  613



February 2, 2017    
Operating Losses and Corporate Financial Policies
David Denis,  KATZ University of Pittsburgh
(joint work with Stephen B. McKeon, Univeristy of Oregon)
Time and venue: 1-2pm, room  504



March 9, 2017   (Joint FIN and ECO Seminar) 
The Importance of Psychology in Economic Activity: Evidence from Terrorist Attacks
Kenneth Ahern, University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business
Time and venue: 1-2pm, room  504



March 30, 2017    
The Impact of Corporate Distress Along the Supply Chain: evidence from United States
Lucia Gibilaro, University of Bergamo
(joint work with Gianluca Mattarocci)
Time and venue: 1-2pm, room  504



April 20, 2017   
The Practice of Risk Oversight: Information Intermediares
Maria Zhivitskaya, LSE - London School of Economics
Time and venue: 1-2pm, room  504



May 18, 2017   
Exploring Consumers´Financial Fragility in Europe: Over-indebtedness, rainy days funds and te role of financial literacy
Gianni Nicolini, Facolta`DI Economia Universita`DI Roma "Tor Vergata" 
Time and venue: 1-2pm, room  504



May 25, 2017   
Political Determinants of Competition, in the Mobile Telecommunication Industry
Mara Faccio, Purdue University, University of Chicago, ABFER & ECGI
(joint work with Luigi Zingales, University of Chicago, NBER & CEPR)
Time and venue: 1-2pm, room  504



October 26, 2017   
Information Sharing and Lender Specialization:  Evidence from the U.S. Commercial Lending Market
Jose Liberti, DePaul University College of Business
(joint work with Jason Sturgess, Queen Mary University and Andrew Sutherland, MIT Sloan).
Time and venue: 1-2pm, room  TBA



November 9, 2017    Canceled
Ran Duchin, Foster School of Business-University of Washington
(joint work with .....)
Time and venue: 1-2pm, room   504



November 22, 2017    
Can Credit Rating Agencies See Through Transitory Shocks to Credit Risk? 
Oleg Gredil, Tulane University, New Orleans
(joint work with Nishad Kapadia and Junghoon Lee).
Time and venue: 1-2pm, room  631 



December 7, 2017   
The Economics of PIPEs
Michael Weisbach, Ohio University and NBER 
(joint work with Jongha Lim, California State University at Fullerton and Michael W. Schwert, Ohio State University)
Time and venue: 1-2pm, room   504