The research group Theory & Methods has been gradually – and then formally – created in the 2008-2012 period, and includes theoretical and methodological research by cef.up members with a fundamental nature and thus useful for the analysis of a variety of economic problems, notably in fields pertaining to other cef.up groups. The Group covers two main fields: Theoretic Foundations (comprising economic theory and economic thought) and Measurement (comprising econometrics, scientometrics, and experimental economics). 


The Research Director is Joana Resende, and the group has the following researchers:



Members                                  External Researchers                                 Doctorate Students 
João Correia da Silva             Manuela Castro e Silva             Diogo Alves 
Manuel Luis Guimarães Costa             Li-Wei Chao             Filipa Mota
Mónica Costa Dias             Ana Rita Farias             Francisco Pereira 
Natércia Fortuna             José Gaspar              
Maria M. De Mello             Sofia Castro Gothen              
Mário Graça Moura             Diogo Lourenço               
Manuel Mendes de Oliveira             Augusto Santos Silva               
Joana Resende             Pedro Teixeira               
Helena Szrek                            
Aurora A. C. Teixeira