Institutional Review Board (IRB):


For studies that involve collecting data and/or using sensitive public or proprietary data, cef.up researchers are required to seek approval prior to data collection or use of sensitive data.


We ask researchers to submit the attached form [link to form] to the IRB representative for exempt category claims. Researchers are also required to obtain a certificate in human subjects protection. We ask researchers to go to http://phrp.nihtraining.com/users/login.php and complete NIH's course on Protecting Human Research Participants. The certificate should also be sent to the IRB representative. For non-exempt claims, the researcher should contact the IRB representative for the non-exempt forms and process.


Contact: Helena Szrek, IRB contact
Telephone number: 351 22 557 11 00 (ext. 570)
Email: hszrek@gmail.com



Contact: Ana Bonança, Cef.up Secretary
Telephone number:  351 22 042 6468