Datastream is one of the most comprehensive economic and financial time series database. The market-leading content sets are available in this database:

- Equities – Equity coverage is sourced directly from exchanges, international suppliers, and published reports. It includes historical prices, volume, market cap, earnings, dividends, financials, fundamentals, ratios, etc.

- Worldwide fundamentals – Company fundamental data and financial ratios both on active quoted firms and inactive ones across several markets.

- Unit and investment trusts – Extensive pricing and dividend coverage of a wide range of funds.

- Indices – Equity benchmarks, bond indices, government bond indices and proprietary Datastream indices available at both an aggregate and constituent level.

- Fixed income – Bonds, warrants, convertibles, domestic and international issues, including historical prices and volume details.

- International macroeconomic series – Historical data sourced from central banks and national statistics offices for all leading and many developing countries.

- Commodities – Includes metals, agriculture, chemicals, semiconductors and energy.

- Derivatives – Futures and option contracts from several regulated markets.


Datastream combines this deep and reliable content with various analytical tools. It is therefore an extremely powerful tool for research and is available to every cef.up researcher, faculty members, and students. The data set can be accessed both from the library and the cef.up Data Center.