November 25, 2011 (CANCELLED)
Elisabet Viladecans-Marsal, University of Barcelona
Time and venue: 1-2pm, room C504


November 18, 2011
Patient Mobility. Health Care Quality and Welfare
Odd Rune Straume, Universidade do Minho
(joint work with Kurt R. Brekke, Resolla Levaggi, and Luigi Siciliani)
Time and venue: 1-2pm, room D504


October 28, 2011
Estimating the Demand for Bundles
Pedro Pereira, Autoridade da Concorrência
(joint work with Tiago Ribeiro and João Vareda)
Time and venue: 1-2pm, room 504


October 14, 2011
Modelling Changes in the Unconditional Variance of Long Stock Return Series
Cristina Amado, Universidade do Minho
Time and venue: 1-2pm, room  C504


October 4, 2011
A Note on Convergence of Peck-Shell and Green-Lin Mechanisms in the Diamond-Dybvig Model
Paulo K. Monteiro, FGV / EPGE
(joint work with Jefferson Bertolai and Ricardo Cavalcanti)
Time: 1-2pm, room 631


September 30, 2011
Responding to Economic Crises: Macroeconomic Revolutions in the 1930s and 1970s
Roger Backhouse, University of Birmingham and Erasmus University of Rotterdam  
Time and venue: 1-2pm, room C504


July 1, 2011
A GMM Approach for Dealing with Missing Data on Regressors and Instruments
Stephen Geoffrey Donald, University of Texas
(joint work with Jason Abrevaya)
Time and venue: 1-2pm, room  613


April 29, 2011
HIV/AIDS-related Expectations and Risky Sexual Behavior in Malawi
Adeline Delavande, Assistant Professor, Universidade Nova de Lisboa and Economist, RAND Corporation
Time and venue: 1-2pm, Room 642


April 19, 2011
Taxation of Human Capital and Wage Inequality: A Cross-Country Analysis
Fatih Guvenen, University of Minnesota
(joint work with Burhanettin Kuruscruz and Serdar Ozkan)
Time and venue: 1-2pm, room D642


April 15, 2011
Peer Effects and Class Size in College
Matilde Machado, Universidade Carlos III
(joint work with Marcus Vera-Hernández, UCL)
Time and venue: 1-2pm, room D642


March 18, 2011
Crowdfunding: Tapping The Right Crowd
Paul Belleflamme, Université Catholique de Louvain
Time and venue: 1-2pm, room D642

January 14, 2011
Will the True Delta Please Stand Up? The Descriptive Modeling of Intertemporal Choice
Marc Scholten, Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada
Time and venue: 1-2pm, room D642